Three versions of an object-head related piece I did for a class. Party hard, little telephone dude!


The Tale of Stinky Foot

Here are some pages from my kids book - the Tale of Stinky Foot. It's about a young muck monster named foot who wants to make friends with some baby ducks. Only problem is, he smells like feet.

DingleBerry Hound Dog


Fractured Fairy Tales

So one semester down at Pratt, three more to go before I have to think about looking for work OH GOD. In the meantime, look at these illustrations I did. Basically for two separate classes I had the same assignment; do a fractured fairy tale. So I did the Little Mermaid where my boyfriend is Prince Eric and a manatee is Ariel:

And Hanzel and Gretel in which they are obese, bratty children and the poor witch got her house eaten completely unprovoked: