Hey! Hey You! Watch My Student Films! :)

Well, I'm officially DONE with high school for ever. Hooray, hooray.

But I want to talk about the student film I made in high school today. Because I just figured how to get them online for all of you to see! :D

Both of these films were made with my hetero-life mate Meg ~SuperSimba and her actual life mate Fred ~Rapscallionvawn

Here's the first film we ever made. We know there are a lot of mistakes, but we learned so much by doing and we're damn proud of this film anyway. So don't be too much of a Negative Nancy.

It's simply titled "Oh No You Didn't", featuring the song "Oh No You Didn't" by the Wojahn Bros (see what we did thar?) Enjoy:

(Yes, I made Shad McDuff with my own two hands.)