I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Jerry

Here's some sketches I did of my guitar teacher, Jerry, and his buddy, Chuck...who happens to teach bass at the same music studio:

I emailed these to Jerry but I haven't gotten word yet if he likes them or not. I'll post his feedback once I get it.

I'd love to do a web comic or possibly a cartoon with these two (with their permission, of coarse.) They're just the epitome of a dynamic cartoon duo. XD

Before I jog off, here's another Jerry doodle:

A Note to the Regular Readers I Don't Have

I'm starting from scratch. Instead of having an inactive blog with nothing too terribly interesting on it, I'm turning this into a (hopefully) active sketch blog! Hooray!

I'll begin uploading original works and fan-art shortly. Keep an eye peeled for those ;)