Hey! Hey You! Watch My Student Films! :)

Well, I'm officially DONE with high school for ever. Hooray, hooray.

But I want to talk about the student film I made in high school today. Because I just figured how to get them online for all of you to see! :D

Both of these films were made with my hetero-life mate Meg ~SuperSimba and her actual life mate Fred ~Rapscallionvawn

Here's the first film we ever made. We know there are a lot of mistakes, but we learned so much by doing and we're damn proud of this film anyway. So don't be too much of a Negative Nancy.

It's simply titled "Oh No You Didn't", featuring the song "Oh No You Didn't" by the Wojahn Bros (see what we did thar?) Enjoy:

(Yes, I made Shad McDuff with my own two hands.)


Rock, Rock, Rock, Rock, Rock 'N Roll High School!

^ Remember my character, Betsy?

Well, after reading John K's posts about what makes characters dynamic and human, I have a bit more to say about her:

Betsy is the captain of the dance squad (which is another word for B-string cheerleading squad.) She's happy with her position on the cheerleading pyramid, however...or she just doesn't notice. Betsy is loud, impulsive, emotional and a lot of fun. She loves rock and roll music and parties, because they share those same qualities with her.

Betsy also has a friend now. Her names Kait. And here she is:

And here's a bit on Kait:

Kait is one of them artsy-fartsy types, but not so much so that her nose is stuck in the air. While she does like to talk about boys and gossip, her love for art sets her apart from Betsy and other teenage girls. Kait has a not-so closeted interest in dark/spooky/deep junk (snakes, skulls and heavy eyeliner) and incorporates that into her art work. She much more shy (and much more quiet) than Betsy. But Kait loves her rambunctious friend so she tags along for the ride and often catches whatever Betsy's got that makes her so rowdy.

Kait's look and personality is based off of three, specific people I know in my advanced art class. She is especially based off of one particular girl who's name is, surprise surprise, Katie.

Betsy is loosely inspired by...at least seven girls I know. A lot of what she is comes straight from my imagination and my observations of my peers.

For these reasons, Kait's character feels a lot more developed (to me, at least) than Betsy's character. Needless to say, I'm still working on Betsy. I just found it interesting how that worked out and wanted to share.


Teenage Wasteland

Through doodling random girls I've spotted at school, I eventually created a character. This, ladies and germs, is that character:

EDIT: I've finally picked a name for her! It's Betsy (after all, she's partially based off a girl in my school with the same name.)

Anyway, this character spawned my newest cartoon concept. It's a rather simple one, but I like it none the less; ditzy high school girls.

Because really, I don't know about you, but I'm sick of the entertainment biz glorifying teens! Us teens are not sex-pots! We're stupid, ugly and funny as hell! There's a lot of comedic value in real life teens that I never see translated to the media, because the media is only interested in the drama and the sex. And this, is why shit like 6teen and High School Musical happens...>:[

So, I've decided to make it my life mission to make a cartoon/comic about teenage girls as I see them...silly as hell!

Oh! And btw, my best friend drew my characters Angie and Muff for me!: