Rock, Rock, Rock, Rock, Rock 'N Roll High School!

^ Remember my character, Betsy?

Well, after reading John K's posts about what makes characters dynamic and human, I have a bit more to say about her:

Betsy is the captain of the dance squad (which is another word for B-string cheerleading squad.) She's happy with her position on the cheerleading pyramid, however...or she just doesn't notice. Betsy is loud, impulsive, emotional and a lot of fun. She loves rock and roll music and parties, because they share those same qualities with her.

Betsy also has a friend now. Her names Kait. And here she is:

And here's a bit on Kait:

Kait is one of them artsy-fartsy types, but not so much so that her nose is stuck in the air. While she does like to talk about boys and gossip, her love for art sets her apart from Betsy and other teenage girls. Kait has a not-so closeted interest in dark/spooky/deep junk (snakes, skulls and heavy eyeliner) and incorporates that into her art work. She much more shy (and much more quiet) than Betsy. But Kait loves her rambunctious friend so she tags along for the ride and often catches whatever Betsy's got that makes her so rowdy.

Kait's look and personality is based off of three, specific people I know in my advanced art class. She is especially based off of one particular girl who's name is, surprise surprise, Katie.

Betsy is loosely inspired by...at least seven girls I know. A lot of what she is comes straight from my imagination and my observations of my peers.

For these reasons, Kait's character feels a lot more developed (to me, at least) than Betsy's character. Needless to say, I'm still working on Betsy. I just found it interesting how that worked out and wanted to share.


kurdt said...

Thanks for sharing! What kind of crazy stories do you have in store for your developing characters?

Sara said...

Hey, thanks for reading, Kurdt! :D

You know, I'm not quite sure. I'm thinking I'll just taking things my friends and I have done/ have heard about and blow them to cartoon-like proportions. ;)

kurdt said...

Sweet! Crazy high school stories are always the best. I could fill a book I tell ya! Thats not a bad idea actually...

eddification said...

I've never posted on your journal before, but I've decided to creep out of my creepy lurking shadow to say I love your art. The classic cartoon feel of it all is so refreshing and unique! And I don't mind your couples too much either...! (beavisandbutt-headohyeah)