Teenage Wasteland

Through doodling random girls I've spotted at school, I eventually created a character. This, ladies and germs, is that character:

EDIT: I've finally picked a name for her! It's Betsy (after all, she's partially based off a girl in my school with the same name.)

Anyway, this character spawned my newest cartoon concept. It's a rather simple one, but I like it none the less; ditzy high school girls.

Because really, I don't know about you, but I'm sick of the entertainment biz glorifying teens! Us teens are not sex-pots! We're stupid, ugly and funny as hell! There's a lot of comedic value in real life teens that I never see translated to the media, because the media is only interested in the drama and the sex. And this, is why shit like 6teen and High School Musical happens...>:[

So, I've decided to make it my life mission to make a cartoon/comic about teenage girls as I see them...silly as hell!

Oh! And btw, my best friend drew my characters Angie and Muff for me!: