Hipster Sasquatch

Looks like Tambourine picked out an outfit for him ;)

More Two Dirty Hippies Art

No I don't plan on drawing anything else soon, I'm having fun haha


You Can Be My Yoko Ono

Sorry, I just love drawing them. XD


Hipster Pets Are Now Available!

Hello internet!

Some of my financial aid was cut this year so to help me get through school I'm selling palm-sized hipster themed plushies of my own design! You can get them on Etsy for the extremely low price of 11 dollars, or if you live in the Rochester/Canidaigua area in NY you can buy them at Plulp Noveau Comix for 15.

You're support would mean the world to me :)

Here are some pictures of the Hipster Pets themselves. They come in Owl, Doe and Fox.

Here's some shitty cellphone pictures I took of the pets display in Pulp Noveau Comix:

Here's some ads I made to promote my Hipster Pets:

Also, if you buy a hipster pet you get a FREE BUTTON! The buttons either have the Hipster Pets logo, say "Helvetica", "Obscure Indie Band" or "Pop Culture Reference." The Buttons come in blue, pink, green and purple. But I only have so many so get them before supplies run out!

Two Dirty Hippies

I'm working on a comic and here are some concept illustrations! It's called "Two Dirty Hippies."

It's about a hippie named "Tambourine" (not her real name) who's kind of annoying so her friends ditch her in the woods after tricking her into chaining herself to a tree in protest. She is then saved by a mysterious, large and hairy fellow hippie and she falls head over heals.

But he's not a hippie at all ; he's the elusive sasquatch.

So here's Tambourine and Sasquatch:

Here's the happy couple meditating (or Tamby is and Sassy is just being a supportive bf)

And here's a little photoshop experiment with Sasquatch:

I will keep you all posted on this project! :D



I'm recovering from oral surgery right now so I have a lot of extra time on my hands. So have some art!

^ This is an old assignment from illustration class. The assignment was to draw my ungodly fear of leeches. I decided to make it pretty with photoshop today.

^Here's a (way too nice) drawing of myself in one of my favorite outfits.

^And finally, some derpy-girl I found on the internet and NEEDED to draw. HOORAH


From Humble Beginnings

Hey guys - wanna see the first drawing I ever did in my entire life?

Self portrait - age 4

Here's a slightly better...no wait...FUNNIER one:

(Apparently, I've been a married woman since 1995. And a pirate)

And when I was 6, I apparently had a balding problem and took lots of LSD. Crazy times...

And I leave you with a picture of me in kindergarden...

(More to come, I found a whole box of this stuff!)