Two Dirty Hippies

I'm working on a comic and here are some concept illustrations! It's called "Two Dirty Hippies."

It's about a hippie named "Tambourine" (not her real name) who's kind of annoying so her friends ditch her in the woods after tricking her into chaining herself to a tree in protest. She is then saved by a mysterious, large and hairy fellow hippie and she falls head over heals.

But he's not a hippie at all ; he's the elusive sasquatch.

So here's Tambourine and Sasquatch:

Here's the happy couple meditating (or Tamby is and Sassy is just being a supportive bf)

And here's a little photoshop experiment with Sasquatch:

I will keep you all posted on this project! :D


Scott Diggs Underwood said...

I like Tambourine!

Sara said...

Oh wow, thank you so much Scott! I'm a huge fan of your work :D