My Work Thus Far at Pratt MWP

Well the reason I've found the time to update this here blog is that I'm bored out of my mind while waiting for the second semester at Pratt MWP to start. And I have A LOT to look forward to next semester;

For 1, my roommate's moving out and I get the single to myself free of charge. That means, I get my own bathroom, my own kitchen (with my own fridge and my own microwave), my own 12x14 living room AND my own bedroom all to my self and I don't have to pay.

For 2, I get to make art, hang out with my friends and actually have something TO DO! As great as break has been, it's been a month and I'm out of stuff to do.

So, while I wait for second semester to start, here's a quick little montage of what I did last semester (just pretend that the power ballad of your choice is playing in the background) :

^ Figure Drawings done in ink wash

^ Abstract painting of the fear of parasites

^ Collage of the fear of disfigured people

^ And to top it all off, a self portrait. The first panel is a collage of my home town (Fairport, NY), second panel is a self portrait and the third panel is a collage of something that represents me (a broken tv with cartoons popping out of it.)

GOD I love college!

Love you,


New Year, New Decade, New Posts!

Well folks, look who's updating her blog! And it only took...6 months. Yeesh...

And as you may have noticed, I've deleted quite a few of my old posts. That's because either it's been like a year since I posted any art on this here blog, and looking at some of my old art makes me throw up in my mouth a little. God only knows what it does to my readers mouths...

SO yes - I'm going to give the "regularly updating a blog" thing another fair shot.

And here's what to expect from this blog from now on:

1) Fanart. I know, it's nerdy...but it's good practice and hella fun! Most of it will be Venture Brothers fanart, because it's currently the best god damn show on television.

2) Art Projects. One of the reasons I haven't updated this blog in so long is I've recently entered the scary world of college. And by scary I mean fucking amazing. I LOVE Pratt MWP. I love making art all week long and I love the people there! And now that I'm settled, I will share that love with you.

3) Original cartoons. Character designs, doodle dumps and the like. I can always use feedback :)

4) Stuff you probably don't give a shit about - As in, pictures of me and my friends wearing fake mustaches in public or stories about my brother and I acting like immature jerks in public. But hey, I have some cute friends so maybe you'll be able to man out those dumb posts.

Be on the look out for all of this stuff soon!

Love you,