Gauges the Lab Rat

Had to make a character for a character design project and I love the way it turned out so I think I'll add her to the Angie and Dingle Berry universe!

This is Gauges the Lab Rat:

Science found it necessary to attach a human ear to her back. But rather than letting her deformity define her, she turned lemons into lemonade and got some sweet gauges and piercings.

Introducing Angora Fitzpatrick and DingleBerry Hound!

Revamped some old characters I've had in my head for oh....3 years now? Yeah that sounds about right...

Anyway, this is Angora "Angie" Fitzpatrick. She is a sphinx or hairless cat.

She is a little manic and may or may not have a few insecurities about her hairless state.

And this is her mellow counterpart and roomie, Dingle Berry Hound.

He may or may not sell drugs.

And here's another drawing of Angie with some nationalistic pride.

(At least Animal Planet told me sphinx cats were Canadian.)

PrattMWP Poster Entry

Here it be:

Won't find out if it won until September - wish me luck!

And Now the Story of a Family that Lost Everything...

And the one son that had no choice, but to keep them all together.

It's Arrested Development!

First Semester Illustration Projects

Here are some illustrations I did in the fall that I still like. AMAZING I KNOW!

^supposed to be a visual metaphor for the dangers of cellphones (I didn't pick the subject). I really just like drawing monsters.

^The sad story of why Sasquatch is lonely :C

^Pulp Illustration project! Supposed to be commentary about sexism.

Hi! It's Me, Face!

Does anyone remember that guy on Nick Jr? He was awesome.

Anyway I had this semester long project in the fall where I had to draw my face a million times. Not really, but it sure felt like it and now I'm sick of my own head haha.

So here are the best of those drawings:

^ "fear"

^ "panic"


^"that's too bad"

These ones are a little wonky but they make me laugh :

Elefonts and Gill Sans

Ok so I've been super-slacking on this blog BUT I have a ton of new art and a reason to start posting again so LET'S DO THIS!

Lets start with all the graphic design work I've done this year that I don't hate...because there isn't that much :/

^ this is my logo entry for a non-profit organization. The winning logo won't be announced until the summer.

^and this is my die-cut business card for my made-up design firm "Elefonts and Designs." I like puns.

And Gill Sans.

x's and o's,