Hipster Pets Are Now Available!

Hello internet!

Some of my financial aid was cut this year so to help me get through school I'm selling palm-sized hipster themed plushies of my own design! You can get them on Etsy for the extremely low price of 11 dollars, or if you live in the Rochester/Canidaigua area in NY you can buy them at Plulp Noveau Comix for 15.

You're support would mean the world to me :)

Here are some pictures of the Hipster Pets themselves. They come in Owl, Doe and Fox.

Here's some shitty cellphone pictures I took of the pets display in Pulp Noveau Comix:

Here's some ads I made to promote my Hipster Pets:

Also, if you buy a hipster pet you get a FREE BUTTON! The buttons either have the Hipster Pets logo, say "Helvetica", "Obscure Indie Band" or "Pop Culture Reference." The Buttons come in blue, pink, green and purple. But I only have so many so get them before supplies run out!

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Pet Lover said...

Amazing work, truly appreciate the work.