Teenage Wasteland

Through doodling random girls I've spotted at school, I eventually created a character. This, ladies and germs, is that character:

EDIT: I've finally picked a name for her! It's Betsy (after all, she's partially based off a girl in my school with the same name.)

Anyway, this character spawned my newest cartoon concept. It's a rather simple one, but I like it none the less; ditzy high school girls.

Because really, I don't know about you, but I'm sick of the entertainment biz glorifying teens! Us teens are not sex-pots! We're stupid, ugly and funny as hell! There's a lot of comedic value in real life teens that I never see translated to the media, because the media is only interested in the drama and the sex. And this, is why shit like 6teen and High School Musical happens...>:[

So, I've decided to make it my life mission to make a cartoon/comic about teenage girls as I see them...silly as hell!

Oh! And btw, my best friend drew my characters Angie and Muff for me!:


kurdt said...

One of the few movies I've seen that depicts real teenagers accurately is Over the Edge. They used real teenagers for the cast so they don't look like 20 somethings and they act like real teenagers. Well, until the end which goes way overboard. Still, great movie, highly recommended!
Love your character sketch! She looks like a Liza-Beth to me for some reason, looks like someone that would that would have two names like Lexia-Sue or Betty-Ann. I have no idea why, that was the firs thing that came to mind!

Sara said...

Hello again, kurdt! :D

Sounds like a movie I'd enjoy! I'll have to look it up. I love movies like "Clerks" and "Napoleon Dynamite" where the acting may not be stellar, but the characters are so human that it doesn't matter.

Wow, I hadn't thought of using two names! Thanks for the idea!

And thank you for commenting! :)

kurdt said...

No Prob! Thumbs up for artists!

So did you see Juno? I thought that one was really off, like it existed in some weird alternate universe. Curious to hear what an actual teenage girl would think about it, maybe I'm just out of touch.

Sara said...

Yes, I've seen Juno.

Honestly, I thought it was funny. But your right; I couldn't relate to any of the characters...least of all the character from which the movie gets it's title.

Which is funny, because when my friends saw Juno before I did they'd always say "Sara, you HAVE to see Juno...you're just like her!"