Hey! Hey You! Watch My Student Films! :)

Well, I'm officially DONE with high school for ever. Hooray, hooray.

But I want to talk about the student film I made in high school today. Because I just figured how to get them online for all of you to see! :D

Both of these films were made with my hetero-life mate Meg ~SuperSimba and her actual life mate Fred ~Rapscallionvawn

Here's the first film we ever made. We know there are a lot of mistakes, but we learned so much by doing and we're damn proud of this film anyway. So don't be too much of a Negative Nancy.

It's simply titled "Oh No You Didn't", featuring the song "Oh No You Didn't" by the Wojahn Bros (see what we did thar?) Enjoy:

(Yes, I made Shad McDuff with my own two hands.)


Kurdt said...

Those were both really funny! I liked the first one because I'm a sucker for puppet humor and the second had so much awesomeness, plus you quoted my favorite Ren and Stimpy scene ever. I think it would have won your school's film fest if it had a pie fight scene at the end. Every film should end with a pie fight, it certainly would have made Watchmen a whole lot better anyways.

Good luck with what I assume is college!

Sara said...

Hey Kurdt!

Thanks, I'm glad you approve. I'm also quite fond of puppets and Ren and Stimpy (clearly.) XD

Aw, thank you. But all the films that placed were documentaries and social commentaries...>XP

Thank you, and you'd be correct to assume college. I'll be starting at Pratt in August. :)

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