My Accidental Safari Trip

Okay, so Meg and I are celebrating 24 Hour Comic Day at a local (not really) comic book shop and we decide to take a break and go grab lunch at a near by pizza place called Pudgies. Here's where our story begins.

You see, we discovered that Pudgie's isn't your average greasy pizza parlor; it's got exotic road kill up the WAZOO! I shit thee not! There were gazelle and moose and antelope heads as far as the eye could see! But our favorite find was a lion. A FUCKING LION! A real live, dead lion! Mane and all!

Take a gander at these puppies if you don't believe me:

But after Meg and I got over the crippling fear that the lion would magically come to life and eat us, we couldn't pass up playing with the damn thing:

And when we got back, I just HAD to draw the crazy that I saw:

More on 24 Hour Comic Day later. But before I go, I leave you with this:

EDIT: OLD DRAWING IS OLD! Also I used to be fat...:P

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