One Year Down, 3 More to Go!

So, I've got one year of art school under my belt! So while we wait for the next year to begin, lets take a gander at some of my last work of the semester!

Here are some figure drawings:

Aaaand here's my LCD (light color and design) final. It was supposed to be a "modernist" painting, but I just drew a bunch of cartoon elephants. My instructor gave me an A anyway :p

And now I leave you with my pop art piece for LCD. What we had to do was cut out pictures from various magazines and then paint a picture based on the collage. I made none of these images up (except for the colored blobs.) Everything else comes from various comics and magazines - even the speech bubbles.

Hugs and Kisses,


Obsessive Compulsive Cartoons said...

Really awesome work!!They all look great, I like the style you used for the figure drawings.Hope to see more. :)

Sara said...

Aw, thank you! And now that I have the summer off, I will be posting more, don't you worry ;)